GAFB805: Khi nào thì dùng a/an/the

a/anTheNo Article
– The first time we talk about one thing or one person–  It’s clear which thing or person we mean
–  There’s only one of this thing (the earth, the Mars etc.)
–  The + superlative (best, oldest etc.)
–  The same
–  The world, the universe, the sky,
the environment, the media, the Internet, the radio, the Amazon, the Atlantic Ocean, the Sahara Desert, the US, the UK
–  The + adj to talk about groups of people (the rich, the poor, the priviledged, the underpriviledged, etc.)
–  The + some nationality adjectives to talk about people from that country (the Swedish, the French, etc.)
–  The north, the south, the east, the west
–  The + family name with ‘s’ or ‘es’ to talk about the whole family (The Simpsons)
–  The + a singular noun to talk about a type of thing (The car – a type of vehicles, the computer – a type of electronic devices)
–  Use plural nouns to talk about
things in general (E.g.: Cars are expensive in Vietnam)
–  My, her, his, our, Tom’s, etc. are
used before the noun
Bảng so sánh: a/an/the sẽ được sử dụng trong các trường hợp nào

Exercise 1: Choose the correct use of articles in the following sentences (Viết thành câu hoàn chỉnh)
1. I was ill. Doctor / The doctor told me to rest for a few days.
2. In the United States, President / the President is elected for four years.
3. Do you know Wilsons / the Wilsons? They’re a very nice couple.
4. Julia spent three years as a student in United States / the United States.
5. France / The France has a population of about 66 million.
6. Look at apples/the apples on that tree!
7. It annoys me when people/the people throw rubbish on the ground.
8. What were names/the names of those people we met last night?
9. He’s lazy. He doesn’t like hard word/the hard work.
10. Information/the information we were given wasn’t correct.

Exercise 2: Complete the sentences with suitable words from the box (Viết thành câu hoàn chỉnh)

the bed
in bed
at home
like home
to work
after work
  1. How did you get __________ after the party?
  2. How do you usually go ___________ in the morning? By bus?
  3. Sam likes to go to __________ early and get up early.
  4. I don’t have my phone. I left it ________________.
  5. ‘Have you seen my keys?’ ‘Yes, they’re on ______________’.
  6. Shall we meet ______________ tomorrow evening?
  7. I like to read __________ before going to sleep.
  8. It was a long tiring journey. We arrived ___________ very late.
  9. Tom usually finishes __________ at five o’clock.
  10. It’s nice to travel around, but there’s no place _______________.