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Questions 1-7

Reading Passage has seven paragraphs, A–G.
Choose the correct heading for each paragraph from the list of headings below. Write the correct number, i–x, in boxes 1–7 on your answer sheet.

List of Headings

i  A unique sensory experience

ii  Getting back to basics

iii  The gift that keeps on giving

iv  Variations in alcohol content

v  Old methods of transportation

vi  Culinary applications

vii  Making kefir

viii  A fortunate accident

ix  Kefir gets an image makeover

x  Ways to improve taste


1  Section A …….

2  Section B …….

3  Section C …….

4  Section D …….

5  Section E …….

6  Section F …….

7  Section G …….

Questions 8-11

Answer the questions below using NO MORE THAN TWO WORDS from the passage for each answer. Write your answers in boxes 8–11 on your answer sheet.


8 What do kefir grains look like? ……………..
9 What needs to happen to kefir while it is ripening? ……………..

10 What will the yeast cultures have consumed before kefir is ready to drink? ……………..

11 The texture of kefir in the mouth is similar to what? ……………..

Questions 12 and 13

Choose TWO letters, A–E.
Write the correct letters in boxes 12 and 13 on your answer sheet.

Which TWO products are NOT mentioned as things which kefir can replace?

A  Ordinary cow’s milk

B  Buttermilk

C  Sour cream

D  Starter yeast

E  Yoghurt

Suggested Vocabulary

1. transport (v): vận chuyển
2. unexpected (adj): không lường trước

3. occur (v): xảy ra
4. encourage someone to do something (v): khuyến khích ai làm gì
5. substance (n): chất
6. alter (v): thay đổi
7. exact (adj): chính xác
8. origin (n): nguồn gốc
9. capable of something (adj): có khả năng làm gì
10. expand (v): to lên
11. mystery (n): điều chưa biết
12. mixture (n): hỗn hợp
13. consume (v): tiêu thụ
14. require (v): yêu cầu
15. afforable (adj): có giá hợp lý
16. aroma (n): mùi hương
17. condition (n): điều kiện
18. previously (adv): trước đó
19. ideal (adj): (có tính) lý tưởng
20. substitute (n): thứ thay thế