GAFP004: Dates, time & number


  1. Listen to your teacher saying these letters: A, R, G, J, X, Y, U, V, Z, H, I, E
  2. To spell out the same letter twice, we say ‘Double’. For example: Matthew is pronounced M-A-DOUBLE T-H-W


  1. There are 12 months in a year: January (Tháng 1), February (Tháng 2), March (Tháng 3), April (Tháng 4), May (Tháng 5), June (Tháng 6), July (Tháng 7), August (Tháng 8), September (Tháng 9), October (Tháng 10), November (Tháng 11) và December (Tháng 12).
  2. To talk about the day, we need to use ordinal numbers
Mùng 1The first
Mùng 2The second
Mùng 4The forth
Mùng 5The fifth
Mùng 6The sixth
Ngày 20The twentierth
Ngày 21The twenty-first
Ngày 22The twenty-second
Ngày 30The thirtierth
Ngày 31The thirty-first
  • Ngày 30/4 can be called The thirtierth of April or April thirtierth and can be written as 30/4 or 4/30


  1. For 10:30 o’clock, we can say ten thirty or half past ten
  2. For 10: 15 o’clock, we can say ten fifteen or a quarter past ten
  3. For 10:05 o’clock, we can say ten oh five or  five past ten
  4. For 9:55 o’clock, we can say five to ten

Exercise 1: Work in pairs. Take turns to spell out the names/numbers in this list and write them down.

  1. Paityn
  2. Macauley
  3. Zigmund
  4. 3:15pm
  5. 5:04pm
  6. 4:50pm
  7. 31st April
  8. 22nd June